Friday, October 24, 2008

No News Is....

Hi all,

Unfortunately, we are not getting much of a response to the LRC group gatherings. :O(

I know so many women are busy with life right now, that it is difficult to commit to LRC. And I'm a little too under the weather to rally the troops. :o) So if anybody would like to take charge of LRC, please let me know. Otherwise, let's put it on hold until our lives are a little less crazy. ha!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Next LRC Get-together

Usually we have our LRC meetings on the first Thursday of every month, but it looks like this might be a problem for a lot of moms this year. So let me hear from you and let me know what night would work best for you!

I thought maybe Wednesdays at 8pm would work well. I am probably the most flexible of everybody, so whatever you guys want is fine with me. :O) But I do think the later time makes more sense. So many of us have young children whom we are still trying to feed or get into bed at 7. It takes some of the pressure off if the time is a little later.

What do you think?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Let's Get Together!

Okay, normally we have "game night" on the first Thursday of every month. For this month, things are going to be a little off, but we will resume our regular schedule in October.

Who: Heather Woods
What: LRC game
When: Sept. 19th (Friday) at 7pm
Where: 1507 Elise LN
Why: Lots of fun!

Drinks and light refreshments will be served. Please pass the word along!! We are still missing many ladies on the blog! :O)

RSVP in the comments section, please. :) See you on the 19th!

Monday, September 1, 2008

In Minneapolis

Hi all!

I was really hoping to have a game meeting schedule for the first Thursday of this month by now.

Unfortunately, I have been a little sick lately, and have found it difficult to get things together. I am in Minneapolis for a few days now--not for the Republican Convention, but for a Ron Paul rally type thing--and I won't have time to set anything up.

Please don't lose patience! I will try to get a meeting together within the next week or two. Please keep checking back. And please encourage your neighbors to sign in... if they are uncomfortable voting, they can just say "hi!" so that I can have an accurate count of who is participating.

Thanks ladies. Have a good week, and see if you can spot Tom and I on C-Span. ;o)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Come on Ladies!

Hello to everybody who have posted their thoughts on their game of choice. It looks like LRC is winning! But we have yet to hear from many people. *Ahem* Amanda, I know you do blogs, where are you?? ;o)

We are going to decide on a game on August 30. So if you know anybody who is pro-bunko, tell 'em to come "vote"!

Stay tuned, and we'll have details on the first meeting-of whichever game-soon!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How To Leave Comments

Several ladies are having a difficult time leaving comments. This blog thing can be a little frustrating for those of us who haven't "blogged" before. But I want to hear from everybody! Below are some instructions on how to leave a comment....

Click on "Comment"
Type in your comment in the comment box (on Right side of the screen).
Below this comment box you need to click on ONE of four options asking to identify yourself.
The easiest option is the third one down "Name/URL".
Click the "bubble" next to Name/URL.
Once you click this bubble a box will appear asking for your name. And another line asking for a URL...forget the URL, this is not needed, so leave it blank.
Just add your name (so I can keep track of everybody).
Then hit the orange button ( Publish your comment).

That should do it. If you are still having problems, please give me a call. I don't want to publish my number online, but it's in the book.

Good luck!

Friday, August 15, 2008

LRC or Bunko?

There has been some discussion about keeping LRC or going back to playing Bunko. So help us decide!

LRC is great because it can be played with any number of people. So if you cannot make it that month, you do not need to find a sub. LRC also allows people to talk more easily, which is always a plus. ;)

On the other hand, some people find Bunko to be higher on the excitement scale. And if you play with Holly you can talk just as much while she keeps score in her head. ;) But you will have to commit to coming every month, (and finding a sub if you cannot make it) or being on the sub list, and coming when you're called.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section. And we will decide on a game by the end of August.